Rental Process

  1. We require a valid drivers licenses and proof of insurance for all drivers.
  2. Have fun, drive safe.
  3. Return the vehicle reasonably clean and with a full tank of gas.

Rental Requirements

Anybody who plans on driving our vehicle must meet the following requirements:

  • Valid driver's license (or International Driver License along with your Passport).
  • Proof of auto liability insurance* (Either your own policy, or purchased through us).
  • Some form of collision coverage (either through your own insurance policy, through credit card coverage, or by purchasing our Collision Damage Waiver).
  • Have a credit card that matches your driver's license.
  • You must be over 25 years of age with three years of driving experience to drive our vehicle unless you have our prior written authorization.
  • You must be fit to drive. We will not give you the keys if, in our judgement, you are inebriated, incapacitated, or otherwise incapable of driving our vehicle safely.

All About Insurance

There are two kinds of insurance you need to have in place in order to work with us:
  1. Liability insurance
    This covers any damage or injuries you may cause to someone else due to your fault or negligence. For instance if you go through a red light and hit someone, liability insurance will cover the damages to the other persons car, as well as any injuries they may have. Liability insurance does NOT cover damage to our vehicle. If you do not have liability insurance please read this section.
  2. Collision Insurance
    Collision insurance covers collision damage to the vehicle you are driving, regardless of who is at fault. So you are covered whether someone dented your door in the parking lot while you were shopping for groceries and left without a note, or you backed up into a telephone pole.

If you have both liability AND collision from a single insurance company it's called "Comprehensive Insurance". Most comprehensive auto insurance policies will cover damage to rented vehicles, but you should always check with your carrier if you are not sure.

Insurance Packages

Campago sells the following forms of coverage

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
    A CDW covers damage to just the rental vehicle, regardless of who is at fault. It may duplicate coverage you already have with your own insurance or credit card, but on the other hand even if you have insurance it can protect you from your premiums going up in the event of a claim. It also covers loss-of-use which many policies do not provide coverage for. Some credit cards offer (or claim to offer) collision coverage, but we recommend you read the section below before using your credit card for collision coverage. Campago's CDW has a $2,500 deductible.
  • Renter's Liability Protection (RLP)
    Renters Liability Protection provides primary liability coverage to the renter, ensuring that the renter is covered for third-party liability claims to the state statutory limits. (Musicians please see note below)
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)
    Supplemental Liability Insurance is an optional coverage that protects the renter against third party liability claims as a result of an accident while the rentee was operating the rental auto. SLI provides excess coverage over the underlying insurance/or self insured statutory limits required in the executed and signed rental agreement. SLI DOES NOT PROVIDE PRIMARY LIABILITY COVERAGE TO THE RENTER. SLI covers the difference up to $1,000,000 in excess of the limits of liability provided by all underlying insurance available or statutory limits.
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
    Personal Accident Insurance provides coverage in the event of an extreme accident. It provides coverage due to accidental death (up to $250,000), ambulance fees and other medical expenses (up to $2,500), and also covers your personal items against damage or theft (please note there are exclusions for non-personal items like electronic and music equipment)

Credit Card Coverage for Collision

Some credit cards offer collision coverage for rental cars. Before relying on your credit card for coverage make sure it provides the coverage you need:

  • Credit cards do NOT provide liability coverage (damage to other people and property besides yourself and Campago). If they provide anything at all, it will be collision coverage only. We are aware of only one credit card that provides liability coverage.
  • Not all credit cards are the same. Read this article to learn about the differences between different cards.
  • Some cards charge extra in order to activate collision coverage. Some cards do not provide collision coverage at all. You need to call your credit card company to find out.
  • Some programs specifically exclude passenger vans and RVs.
  • Most credit card collision coverage is secondary, which means they will only pay after your own auto liability insurance carrier has maxed out.
  • Only a few cards will cover loss-of-use, or administrative fees. You will still be responsible for anything they do not cover.

Campago Collision Damage Waiver

Campago sells a CDW package for all of our vans. The CDW we offer has a $2,500 deductible. This is due to the high value of our vehicles, and the need to make the CDW affordable (a zero deductible would result in a much higher price). The collision damage waiver does not cover the interior of the van, or it's contents (including: game console, video screens, games, etc.). Please double check and make sure that all doors are locked every time you leave the van, and that no valuables are visible. The collision damage waiver does not cover damage due to insufficient height or width clearances. So the rule for parking garages, fast food restaurants and other areas likely to have low lying roofs is simple: "When in doubt, stay out".

Customer Parking

We do not offer on-site parking for your car, and can not store your vehicle while you rent ours. However most of our locations have parking facilities located nearby. If you need parking during your rental please contact us and we will do our best to assist you in identifying a location nearby.

Vehicle Maintenance

We are absolutely crazy about maintaining our vehicles, but we can't do it alone: we need your help! On longer rentals we require that all of our renters get a safety inspection and oil change every 10,000 miles (or earlier if indicated by the vehicle's computer). Renters who drive over this mileage limit without getting the required inspection risk additional fees.

We pay for all authorized maintenance expenses! Just turn your receipts in at the end of your trip for reimbursement.

Other things you should know:

  • Sprinters require a little extra love and attention: Mercedes-Benz Sprinters periodically need a refill of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). This fluid helps make the Sprinter very low emission and is better for the environment. You will get a warning light when a refill is required. DEF is sold at most auto parts stores and is inexpensive and easy to refill. Keep your receipt and we will, of course, reimburse you for the fluid.
  • Absolutely no stickers, graffiti, or any other kind of tag anywhere in or on the van are allowed. You will be charged an additional cleaning fee if this happens.
  • Our vehicles are allowed in the US and Canada. They are not allowed in Mexico.

In-Van Entertainment:

We provide a video screen and video game console with DVD support, controllers, and wireless headphones in all of our vehicles as an amenity to our renters. We do everything in our power to make sure the entertainment system is in working order and every system is tested twice before every rental: once when the vehicle is returned, and again in your presence when you arrive to pick it up. If you find that something is not working properly during your rental, please contact us. We have found reported problems are often due to simple user error, or only require a quick fix. However if repairs are required we will do everything in our power to get it repaired, and will schedule a trip to the nearest technician as soon as your schedule permits. With that being said: Road vibrations, weather and even misuse can all lead to the entertainment system malfunctioning. Due to the fact that the typical malfunction is beyond our control we only offer repair and/or replacement at our expense, and do not offer discounts or other compensation due to entertainment system issues.


Power Inverters

We provide power outlets for the entertainment systems and your personal use. However please keep in mind that these do not supply unlimited power. If you plug too many devices, or devices which consume too much power (such as hair dryers, curling irons, space heaters, etc) into our outlets you will blow a fuse and might even damage the inverter. As with our AV systems we do not offer discounts due to power inverter failure, nor are we responsible for damage to anything you connect to the inverter. We will schedule repair or replacement of any malfunctioning inverter on the next business day.

Headphone and Game Controller Batteries

The wireless headphones and game controllers in our vehicles require AA batteries to operate. Installing brand new batteries with every rental would be environmentally (and financially) wasteful. As a result we do not supply new batteries with every rental, and encourage clients to bring their own AA batteries with them in case the batteries in the headphones or game controllers need replacement.

Repair Policies:


Tow Service:

Should you ever need it, we have a 24 hour nationwide road service available to help you. The membership number and the 1-800 number are on your rental agreement. However please also call Campago to let us know that you are having problems. We are very aggressive when it comes to making repairs, and we often have knowledge and experience that will get you rolling even before you get off the phone. So should you have any issues please contact us immediately at 1-866-868-7826 (or 415-401-7659) so we can help!

Spare Tires:

Every van comes with a spare tire. We do not allow you to self change the tire. You must call our tow service and have a tow truck driver come and change the tire. Please let our office know anytime you get a flat so we can arrange to have the spare replaced for you.

Breakdown Policy:

Despite the extraordinary effort we put into vehicle maintenance, there are occasionally moments where mid-rental maintenance or repairs will be necessary. Please be assured that we will pay or reimburse for all mechanical repairs, provided that the repair is not due to misuse of the vehicle, or collision with a foreign object. You must call us and let us know what is going on so we can help you take care of it promptly. Repairs over $100 require our approval before they can be initiated (this is as much for your protection as ours: there are people out there who will try to take advantage of you.).

You must follow our instructions regarding maintenance and repairs, regardless of the effect it may have on your schedule. Sorry, but safety comes first. Failure to follow our instructions voids our agreement, and any CDW we have provided you with, and may result in us reclaiming our vehicle at your cost. If we feel something is unsafe, we have the final word. Yes we care a tremendous amount about your schedule, but we cannot knowingly allow anyone to compromise their safety (or anyone else's). Your life and your health are the most important things in our vehicles.

After hours: If a mechanical issue occurs after hours and we are closed, we have a 24 hour nationwide tow service that will tow the vehicle to the nearest mechanic (see the section above about Tow Service). In most places mechanics are all closed after 5pm anyways, so there isn't much anyone can do about it until the morning. Leave a message on our voicemail and we will help you first thing in the morning.

In the event of a serious mechanical malfunction*:

  1. If a replacement within our fleet is available, we will bring you a replacement
  2. If no Campago replacement vehicle is available we will do everything we can to help you within reason. You will no longer be charged by Campago starting on the day of the mechanical failure, we will close our rental agreement, and you will be able to leave the Campago van at the repair shop and continue with whatever alternative transportation and housing you decide upon. You will be responsible for any and all expenses you may incur once our rental agreement is closed. We will cover all of the costs of recovering our vehicle and transporting it back to our office.

Remote & Rural areas

We do not own teleportation devices. If you take the vehicle into remote & rural areas that are far from mechanics, tow shops and auto part supplies this will have a corresponding impact on our ability to get you moving quickly again if there is a problem. You assume this risk when traveling in remote, rural and/or isolated areas. We will still do everything we can to help you, but it will obviously take longer to get repairs or parts, and we are not liable for expenses you may incur as a result of your travel to remote areas (this includes expenses such as gas, miles, lodging, or any other expense not included in our standard agreement). We are not bad people because of it, there's just limits to what we can provide and still offer vehicles at a reasonable price. Please have realistic expectations.

Off Road Use

Our vans do not offer 4x4 drive. They are all front wheel drive only. As a result you can potentially get stuck if you drive on non-paved surfaces. We totally get that many camping sites will have gravel roads, and for the most part you shouldn't have any problems as long as you stick to the gravel. But here's the deal, and this is as straightforward as we can be about it:

  1. Driving on unpaved roads requires caution, so the first thing you should do is drive slowly and carefully. We don't want anyone to get hurt!
  2. If you get stuck, and you are NOT on a paved road, you will be responsible for the tow expense to get yourself unstuck. We can't rent campervans at these low rates and also subsidize people not paying close attention to the road they are driving on. So use common sense, and remember you can get stuck even on flat grass if it has rained recently.

Prohibited Use

Our rental agreement outlines a lot of uses that are simply not permitted. It's all common sense things, like not using the vehicle for racing, or driving drunk, etc. It probably goes without saying, but we're going to go ahead and say it anyways: prohibited use of our vehicle violates our rental agreement, voids all liability and other insurance coverage, and makes vehicle subject to immediate recovery by Campago. So be cool, k?


We do not sell, offer, or include travel insurance with your rental, and do not provide coverage for anything other than our van. If you need travel insurance we are happy to refer you to a travel insurance provider. Like every other vehicle rental company in the world Campago is never liable for consequential losses or damages (including lost revenue, wages, etc) due to vehicle downtime under any circumstances, even if the downtime is due to our own fault or neglect.

Tickets, Tolls & Transponders

How we handle tickets and citations: The renter is responsible for all tickets, fines, fees, licenses, permits, taxes, or fines, required by or resulting from the renter's use or operation of the vehicle. We strongly urge our renters to pay all tickets etc., as they receive them. If we receive a ticket in the mail, we have one of the most generous policies in the vehicle rental industry: we will email you a notice with directions on how to pay the ticket yourself, with no extra charges from us. However if the ticket remains unpaid we will be forced to pay it ourselves (or our vehicle's registration will be at risk!). If this happens we will charge a $25 administration fee to pay the ticket on your behalf.

Do you have your own Transponder? Many of our renters would like to use their own toll transponder (EZ-pass, I-Pass, etc.). However please be aware: we have seen countless cases where the transponder signal was not picked up and a violation notice was then mailed out. Due to the length of time it takes the toll agencies to mail a violation to an out-of-state vehicle owner, and the time it takes us to process the citations, it can sometimes be impossible to get the violations reversed and/or assigned to the renter's account by the time we receive them. In some cases the ticketing authority just won't let us do it. Ultimately the renter is responsible for any fines they incur. So our first bit of advice is to just leave the transponder at home and pay the tolls as they happen. But if you really want to bring the transponder with you (and we completely understand if you do) then we recommend contacting the toll agency that provided you with the transponder and get specific instructions from them on how to proceed using your transponder with a rental vehicle. Some authorities will let you add a specific vehicle.

Payment Policy

  • Rental days are calculated in 24 hour increments (i.e. 20 hours = 1 day, 30 hours = 2 days).
  • Every rental includes 100 miles per day of rental (i.e. a 5 day rental includes 500 miles). Additional miles are .35/mile.
  • Payment is due immediately upon completion of the rental and receipt of our final invoice.
  • The renter who guaranteed the reservation with their credit card expressly authorizes Campago to process the credit card for any and all charges due under the agreement unless other arrangements have been made in advance.
  • If any errors are found each party shall promptly pay or credit the other, as appropriate, to correct the error.
  • Rentals longer than two weeks will be charged once a week to avoid the current estimated balance due from getting too large. If the charge is declined and no payment is made we may ask you to return the vehicle.
  • Payments more than 15 days late will be charged a 15% late payment penalty. Delinquent balances may be subject to additional legal and/or collection fees.

Cancellation Policy

Rentals of three days or less require a non-refundable deposit equal to one days rental. All other rentals require a 30% non-refundable deposit. Cancellations on the first day of the rental or afterwards will be charged for the entire reservation.

Tips For Smarter Driving

Fuel consumption is one of the biggest controllable expenses, and speed has the biggest impact on fuel consumption. There is a 20% difference in fuel consumption between 65mph and 80 mph. Driving the speed limit is not only cheaper, but it also greatly diminishes the amount of carbon that is emitted into the atmosphere.

Tire pressure also has an impact on gas mileage, as well as safety. Check your tire pressure regularly. If you have questions regarding the proper pressure to inflate the tires, please call us!

Wearing your seatbelt can reduce the odds of a fatality from 72% to 20%. Please wear your seatbelts at all times when the vehicle is moving!

According to the NHTSA, most rollovers are due to driver error. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these safety tips:

  • Never drive when you are tired. Pull over and get some rest before driving.
  • Always drive the speed limit.
  • If you do find yourself drifting off the road avoid turning the wheel suddenly to get back on the road. Instead hold the wheel steady and gently slow down. When you have slowed down to a safe speed then you can then go back on the road. (most rollovers occur when people jerk the wheel to get back on the road, so this is important!!!)
  • Please make sure there are no cans, cups, or other debris near the feet of the driver.
  • Poor weather, ice, and bad weather conditions are inherently dangerous in any vehicle. When in doubt, pull over and wait for conditions to improve.

For more information on preventing rollovers and safe driving please visit the Safer Car website.

Accident Policy

In the event of an accident, no matter how large or small, we require that you notify us immediately. We will provide you with an accident report form, which must be completely filled out and and either emailed or faxed back to us at 1-415-401-7659.

Delivery Services

  • Campago will deliver your van or pickup anywhere in the continental USA. We're good like that. 🙂
  • Delivery is free within a 3 mile range of our office. Delivery outside this zone will be charged a fee based on time/mileage.
  • Deliveries must be scheduled at least a week in advance so we can make sure we have staff available to handle your needs. Rush deliveries may be charged an additional expediting fee.
  • Deliveries are made within delivery windows (anywhere from one hour to three hour windows). Due to traffic and other elements of delivery beyond our control, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time.

DISCLAIMER: This information form is for informational purposes only. It is not designed to replace our rental agreement, and our rental agreement supersedes any information found on this page. Policies may be changed without notice.